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“Helping people 96 square feet at a time.”

What is a FastPak?

Simply put, a FastPak is a patented, portable, modular, and completely customizable, humanitarian relief shelter designed to meet the needs of the unsheltered, those affected by natural disasters, COVID-19, and its industry-related social distancing requirements.

These innovative structures feature a stout, durable steel frame and peaked roof. The walls consist of a variety of same-sized interchangeable side and end panels with window and ADA accessible door options. Electrical choices include a combination heating/air conditioning unit and fully magnetic electrical kit.

If you can envision it, we can build it. Our mission is to help people and industries affected by today’s social and nature-made relief challenges 96-square feet at a time. We love what we do and want the world to be as safe and comfortable as you do. After browsing our site, ask us what we can do to uniquely support your humanitarian needs.


Before there were FastPaks, there existed our first darling, the AgriPak. AgriPaks are greenhouses with polycarbonate walls instead of hard-side panels. FastPaks assemble the same way as an Agripak.

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Patented Portability

FastPaks fold flat to approximately 24 inches, which allows for 24 units to be stacked on a flatbed for cost-efficient transportation.  Once on-site, two people can easily and quickly assemble the units in about two hours.  Should the need arise, fully assembled FastPaks can be transported with items inside. Later, simply disassemble the FastPaks into a flat state and store for future use.

FastPak folded flat

Shipped as a kit to be assembled.


Ship up to 24 units on a 48-foot trailer.

Easy pop-up assembly and disassembly.


Easy to relocate while fully assembled.

fastpaks side-by-side


FastPaks can be created in multiple configurations based upon the basic 8 ft by 12 ft unit, and fold flat to 24 inches. Units can be configured side-by-side, end-to-end, or both, without the need of interior panels. Additional units can be added as your business dictates.

Configure FastPaks to suit your needs.


FastPaks are designed for long-term durability, manufactured with steel frames and a variety of panels. All side and end panels are the same size and can be easily replaced should the need arise. It leaves no footprint — no foundation required. FastPaks can also be configured for off-the-grid requirements, including renewable energy sources. FastPaks can withstand snow and wind loads, with optional tie-down kits for use in harsh environments.

Sheep in a field

Off-the-grid operation in environments.

Interchangeable panels.


No foundation required.

Beautiful young woman with a cactus plant in greenhouse. Female worker working at garden center.


Because FastPaks are modular, sustainable, and portable, they offer a tremendous value to humanitarian efforts. In addition to significant transportation savings, FastPaks are economical to buy and maintain and are easily assembled and expandable to meet demands.

  • Cost-efficient solutions for a wide range of diverse needs. Easy assembly significantly reduces start-up time.
  • Portability offers economical transportation costs. 8 by 12 foot units fold flat to 24 inches for transport, reducing transportation costs by 80%.
  • Non-permanent structure provides tax relief.
  • Accessories offer off-the-grid capabilities.


  • 8 feet wide
  • 12 feet long
  • 10 1/2 feet tall
  • Folds flat to 24-inches tall
  • Weighs about 1,500 pounds
  • Strong enough to carry 11,000 pounds of payload
  • Numerous panel options include insulated hard-sides, vinyl sunroom panels with screens, and polycarbonates for greenhouses
  • Glossy black powder-coated paint (standard) – Other options available
fastpak on sunset mountain

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