Accommodations for the Unsheltered

FastPaks make great accommodations for the unsheltered!

  • Flexible design allows for multiple configurations without the use of interior walls (end-to-end, side-by-side, or both)
  • Create an entire community
  • 24 units shipped on one truck
  • Can be equipped with electrical and HVAC systems
  • Can be run off of a direct electrical feed, a generator, or renewable energy sources
  • Easily folds down and can be redeployed for future uses
  • Can be used for a multitude of purposes, like living quarters, laundromats, greenhouses, storage areas, office space, gathering space protected from the outside elements, and much, much more
Two twin beds inside of fastpak

Living Quarters

A place to take shelter and feel safe!

Rest Rooms

Protected from the outside elements.



A place to grow food.

For future use, units can can be collapsed to 24 inches, making them an economical option for helping the homeless!

exterior view of fastpak


The Basic Unit is an 8-foot by 12-foot by 10 1/2-foot Structure
  • Create any multiple of the basic 96-square foot structure
  • Attached end-to-end or side-by-side
  • Omit interior walls and beams if desired
  • Add additional space as the need arises
  • Variety of interchangeable panels, including insulated hard sides with window and door options
  • Full magnetic electrical kit with circuit breaker; runs on direct electrical feed, generator, or solar
  • Combination heating/air conditioning unit


Efficient Storage and Transportation
  • Folds flat to nearly 24-inches
  • 24-folded units fit on a flatbed truck, reducing transportation costs by approximately 80%
  • Arrives 70% preassembled
  • Assembly can be completed in about 2 hours
FastPak folded flat
building in a grassy field


Leaves No Footprint
  • No foundation required
  • Designed for durability
  • Stout steel construction withstands significant snow and wind loads
  • Store-and-stack when not in use
  • Side and end panels same size for easy replacement/exchange
  • Units can be moved while upright, containing up to 11,000 pounds of payload
  • Disinfectant can be applied top-to-bottom without harming interior or people

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