How do I order a FastPaks micro room?

It’s easy. Just call us toll-free at 855.533.7555 and a customer representative will walk you through the process. Simply tell us what you want, including accessories, and we will prepare a quote. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST).

How long will it take to receive my room?

Lead times will vary depending on the availability of materials, but in general, initial turnaround time is expected to be 10 – 12 weeks.

What about shipping?

FastPaks micro rooms are manufactured in our Iowa factory and can be shipped fully assembled or 70% pre-assembled for ease of storage and transportation. Shipping charges are based on common carrier costs from Iowa and will be included in your final quote.

Do I need a building permit?
Because our micro rooms are temporary structures, in most cases you will not need a building permit. However, it is wise to check your local building codes.
Do I need a foundation?
FastPaks micro rooms do not need a foundation. All that is needed is a means to level your room (i.e., shims, concrete blocks, pallets, etc.).
How is a FastPaks room placed on a property?

In most cases, our micro rooms can be set into place using a standard fork truck. This is the responsibility of the consumer.

Who will install my FastPaks room?
Finishing the assembly is the responsibility of the consumer but we will provide assembly instructions and a DIY video. Generally, two people can usually finish the assembly in about two hours. We find pizza and beer will most likely attract a few willing helpers!


How much will my FastPaks room cost?

Our Contempo Series micro rooms start at $18,999 + tax & shipping.

Our Retreat Series micro rooms start at $15,999 + tax & shipping.

Our Verde Series micro rooms start at $15,999 + tax & shipping.

Our Project Series micro rooms start at $23,999 + tax & shipping.

*All pricing noted here is based on the standard room with no customization.

All of our micro rooms can be equipped with many customizable options, including flooring, windows, and different panel options. Call us at 855.533.7555 for more detailed options and pricing information.

Is a deposit required when I order?
Yes. 50% is due upon ordering, with the balance due upon shipping.
How does payment work and do you offer financing?
We require a 50% deposit with the order and the balance is due upon shipment. Sorry, we currently do not offer financing.
What is your cancellation and return policy?

You may cancel your order within 72 hours from when your order was placed. Sorry, we cannot accept returns.

Do you offer a warranty?
We offer a standard one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Some exclusions apply. Contact us for more details.


What is a micro room?

A micro room embodies the spirit of “tiny home” living but is designed to be used as a temporary, multi-use room to accommodate a sitting space, sleeping space, working space, a creative space, or whatever your imagination allows.

These rooms are stand-alone units not attached to a home.

What are the dimensions of a FastPaks room?

Our standard micro room is 8’ wide x 12’ long x 10.5’ vaulted ceiling. Micro rooms fold flat to about 24-inches for ease of storage and transportation. Since FastPaks are modularly designed, you can create multiple configurations based upon the basic 8’ x 12’ unit. Micro rooms can be configured side-by-side, end-to-end, or both, without the need for interior panels.

Why is a FastPaks room 96 square feet?

FastPaks micro rooms were designed with safety as a top priority. Working with larger micro rooms added safety concerns and assembly issues that we did not believe was in the best interest of our consumers. Additionally, the 96 square foot footprint meets residential size requirements in most areas of the country.

What makes a FastPaks room so special?

FastPaks micro rooms are portable, modular, sustainable, 8’ x 12’ x 10.5’ structures with a vaulted ceiling. They consist of a steel frame and a variety of removable panels. Multiple units can be configured end-to-end, side-by-side, or both, to provide larger square footage without the need for interior walls. FastPaks can be folded flat, to about 24-inches, for ease of storage and reduced transportation costs. Units can be shipped fully assembled or folded down to 24 inches.  If folded down, they arrive 70% assembled and can be completely assembled by two people in about two hours. Engineering studies have indicated that FastPaks can withstand significant snow and wind loads and are able to support extremely heavy payloads, making them perfect for use in harsh environments.

FastPaks micro rooms offer numerous, customizable options. They can be outfitted with a variety of panels, from insulated hard-side panels to vinyl panels. Other options include Sunspace Sunrooms WeatherMaster 4-Track Window, Door, and Enclosure System, choice of flooring, and a finished ceiling.

FastPaks do not require a foundation, thereby leaving no environmental footprint. And they are reusable; once finished with its current use, simply fold them down and store for future use.

Is a FastPaks room a tiny home?

No. A FastPaks micro room is a temporary structure and not designed for permanent residency. So, unlike a tiny home, FastPaks micro rooms generally do not require a building permit. But it is always wise to check your local building codes.

Can I live in a FastPaks room?

As they are temporary structures, FastPaks micro rooms were not designed for permanent residency.

Do you offer bathrooms, kitchenettes, or partition walls?

No, we do not.

Can I add heating and air conditioning to my room?

Yes, FastPaks can accommodate consumer installed electrical packages. Although we don’t perform the installation, we can advise and make recommendations to help. Contact us during regular business hours.

What about electricity?

Yes, an electrical package can be installed by the consumer.

Will I need an electrician to connect my room to my domestic electrical supply?
We always recommend using licensed and bonded electricians.
Will I be able to use my computer in a FastPaks room?

Yes, internet accessibility can be added by the consumer.

Can I add more windows?

Absolutely! We can customize the look and functionality of your room any way you wish.

Are FastPaks designed for all climatic conditions?

Yes. All of our Fastpaks have been designed to withstand significant wind and snow loads.  If you choose to install an electrical package, the addition of electrical, heat, and air conditioning options will help meet the rigors of your environment. You may also order our optional tie-down kit for added dependability. (A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) we conducted addressing snow and wind loads can be downloaded here.)

What different types of panels do you offer?

Our four Series micro rooms are fitted with the following types of exterior finishes:
Contempo Series: (1) 2” insulated hard side panels made with durable aluminum on both the exterior and interior sides, (2) sides with vinyl sliding windows with screens, and (1) side with a vinyl sliding door panel. Both the panel and the trim come in black or white. (Recommended for offices and playrooms.)
Retreat Series: A corrugated metal roof with Sunspace WeatherMaster ViewFlex vinyl windows with screens. Vinyl is offered with a choice of tints and screens. (Recommended for leisure rooms.)
Verde Series: A corrugated clear vinyl roof with sides of Sunspace WeatherMaster ViewFlex vinyl windows with screens and sliding door. Vinyl is offered with a choice of tints and screens. (Recommended for greenhouse rooms.)
Project Series: (4) 2″ insulated hard side panels made with durable aluminum on both the exterior and interior sides and (1) 36” entry door. (Recommended for on-site construction offices, storage areas, hunting rooms, and temporary shelter needs.)

What kind of interior finishes do you offer?

We offer a variety of upgrade options. Call for more details.

Do I have to paint or maintain the exterior / interior panels?

No, FastPaks come with standard low maintenance interior and exterior panels, which is comparable to the kind of maintenance you would provide for the interior/exterior of your home. Because FastPaks are pre-painted, they should last at least 15 years or longer.

What kind of roofing material do you offer?

The roof on the Verde Series is made with clear corrugated vinyl panels. The roofs of the other three series are corrugated black metal panels.

Will my FastPaks room be secure?

The only series that can be secured is the Project Series since they are made with insulated hard sides and a locking entry door. Our other series have vinyl panels and doors that cannot be secured.

Is FastPaks an environmentally conscious company?

FastPaks are designed for long-term durability and are manufactured with recyclable steel frames. They are produced in an environmentally and ISO compliant factory in the Heartland of America.

Our micro rooms require no foundation and leave no footprint.

FastPaks can also be configured for off-the-grid requirements, including renewable energy sources.

Where can I find supporting materials for my installation?
We will provide you with installation guides once your order is placed.


How is a FastPaks micro room shipped?
We normally ship your FastPaks micro room folded on a flatbed truck which allows us to ship up to 24 micro rooms at a time. However, if desired, a FastPaks micro room can be shipped to you fully assembled.
What regions do you ship to?
We ship within the continental United States.
Do you ship internationally?

No, not at this time.

But wait! What if I have more questions?

Not to worry. We’re happy to answer any and all questions. Send us an email at or give us a call at 855-533-7555. Thank you for your interest!


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